Mineral concentrate

We carry out the transportation of mineral concentrate nationwide from the main mining units to the main ports of the country. In order to do this we have modern encapsulated units and our own control center that monitors roadmap management 24/7. Our modern units have lid opening sensors to prevent mineral theft on route, as well as a hinged lid in the truck bed, with a hydraulically activated lateral total deployment. This allows our units to work in loading points where truck bed height is a restriction for unit entry.

Hazardous materials - IQBF

We carry out hazardous materials transportation nationwide from or to mining units. We use modern fleets with video cameras installed in the cabins for roadmap management, as well as for the staff, driver and escort, which are highly trained in hazardous materials management ( Hazmat 1, 2, 3). We have an emergency response team duly trained for any on route contingency. The road map control information is published on our website for our clients' access.

Oversized cargo

Nationwide oversized cargo service with a modern low bed fleet of 3, 4 and 5 axles. We also have escort vans for service monitoring with highly trained staff in charge of correct stowage of oversized loads in the unit. Additionally, we have third-party duly approved companies with modular equipment and cranes, according to operation needs. All of the above is monitored from our control center that works 24/7 on roadmap management.

Regular load

Nationwide service. We have a modern fleet of vans, platforms and low beds for the transportation of merchandise from our mining transit warehouses to the different mining units. For this task we employ software (WMS and TMS) for warehouse management and transportation management, respectively. Our software is integrated with the client's ERP systems. This allows us to provide logistics flow visibility and traceability from transit warehouses to mining units, as well as inverse logistics; meaning, from the mining unit to the transit warehouse and then to the supplier.