Container Extra Portuary Terminal

Our temporary container/extra container terminal unites foreign trade and supply chain logistics, providing a differentiated service developed on the basis of four pillars that are at the core of our service.

  1. We provide logistics solutions with visibility and traceability in the supply chain to meet our customers' needs and expectations through our real time modern operating systems.
  2. Our logistics efficiency allows us to constantly provide our clients with management indicators regarding their cargo throughout the service process.
  3. The specialized experience and knowledge that we have obtained in the most important niche sectors of the market allows us to offer an excellent handling of merchandise.
  4. Our level of infrastructure is above market standards, with an optimal installed capacity to serve different types of cargo, offering the necessary security for proper merchandise handling in the specific cargo type Operating Flow.

We integrate storage, cross docking and transportation services with those of maquila, classification, legal labeling and kit assembly, all developed with an innovative technological solution applied to our operations. Additionally, we offer solutions for foreign trade operations and cargo storage through highly flexible services adapted to product type, sales cycle, space capacity, as well as auditable transactions and innovative solutions aimed to save surface usage and storage costs.

DT Dinet E-mail

To schedule capacity, pre-inspection, Senasa inspection and transfer services please send your request to the following e-mail:

For information on rates and commercial conditions, email us your inquiry to:

To channel container shipment towards our Temporary Deposit, please consider our 4224 code, which corresponds the one that SUNAT/ADUANAS has awarded us as DT DINETPERU SAC, and send a copy of your B/L to our email: