Hauling of minerals and earth movement

We provide our services nationwide for a safe and efficient transportation and unloading of minerals in our mining operations. We deal with mineral and debri transportation in underground or open pit mining operations. We use fleet control software (dispatch) to monitor units’ productivity (operation visibility), with the aim of measuring production KPIs in real time. This information is published on our website to be accessed by our customers. We use state-of-the-art units, minimizing environmental impact and maximizing load capacity according to the customer's operation requirements.

All of the above allows us to have a high operational availability of our equipment , as well as to achieve safe operations for our personnel and third parties.

Mineral storing management

We take care of managing and executing the internal operations of our clients' mineral storing. In order to do this we rely on our modern equipment and highly trained staff. We have modern software to allow proper management of equipment and staff. This allows us to have operation visibility and measure production KPIs in real time. KPIs are published on our website for our clients' access.

All of the above allows us to have an high operational availability of equipment ,as well as to achieve a safe operation for our staff and third parties.