Temporary container warehouse

Temporary container warehouse service for standard cargo and IMO imports, container transportation at local and national level, container simple warehouse service: we have a proprietary stock of containers to provide simple warehouse services.

Transit Warehouse

Strategically located in the country’s main ports, mines and projects. We have conditioned warehouses to receive and dispatch different high turnover materials and products. We provide indoor transit warehouse services as well as outdoor transit warehouse services for our clients’ different needs with Regular Freight, Hazardous Freight - HAZMAT- and Oversized Cargo.

Customs Brokerage

Customs Brokerage Service: through our approved customs agents specialized in different areas of import, we offer advisory on specialized customs topics, cargo nationalization, and dealing with freight forwarders and shipping lines. We have qualified and specialized staff in customs matters, that provides continuous advisory and query services for our customers. Shipping monitoring at each stage, with documentary traceability.

Container transportation

Container transfer service for Standard and IMO Cargo at a local and national level, safeguard and unloading service at the customer's plant. We have a qualified and trained team that offers a service adapted to each customer's requirements, as well as different fleets for all types of merchandise. We provide merchandise cargo insurance and insurance against third parties, and specialized satellite tracking of all our units via GPS for a correct traceability of provided services.

Added value service in the temporary warehouse

We have qualified staff in our facilities to meet the requirements of our customers when they need it. We have more than 20 years of experience in the preparation of merchandise for subsequent commercialization, and we have specialized equipment and staff for product operations that require strapping placement, labeling, classification, review, transfer, legal requirements and cargo palletizing in general. Detailed preparation of reports including provided services and merchandise status.